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An experienced, knowledgeable and trusted university discipline lawyer can be a key component in establishing fair and equitable campus disciplinary hearings that minimize negative press, unrest on the campus, and costly civil litigation. This is particularly true in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct.

Students who have been accused of a Title IX violation may be entitled to additional due process rights, such as the right to an independent, impartial hearing officer. Additionally, students should always take all of their disciplinary and legal procedures seriously and protect their interests by working with an experienced defense attorney to represent them.

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The law that governs this process is Title IX, part of the Education Amendments of 1972. It prohibits sex discrimination and retaliation in public and private schools, colleges and universities that receive federal funds.

An experienced title ix lawyer in Kansas will be able to help you avoid a suspension from your university or college. A suspension can have serious consequences on your career, and could even prevent you from getting into another school to pursue your degree.

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Title IX Lawyer Kansas


Academic Misconduct Lawyer Kansas

Once an investigation is completed, the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX will issue a decision to both the complainant and the respondent. This decision will include a determination of the charges against the complainant and the respondent.

Whether you are a responsible employee who has been accused of sexual harassment or assault, or an accuser who feels your rights have been violated, you deserve the support of an experienced Title IX lawyer. The legal team at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP understands the unique challenges that face students and employees in this area of law, and we work hard to ensure your rights are protected.

Every school, college, or university that accepts federal funds is required to investigate Title IX complaints and follow specific procedures. The law also gives students and staff a right to suggest witnesses, offer written or electronic evidence like text messages, and appeal unfavorable decisions.

Academic Misconduct Lawyer Kansas

Title IX Attorney Kansas

In addition to ensuring that your rights are protected in any disciplinary or legal proceedings, it is important to know your university’s policies and regulations regarding revocation of degrees. In general, a degree will not be revoked if the university is satisfied that there was no misconduct.

A good title ix lawyer in Kansas will know how to handle the various phases of a sexual harassment case and can advise you of the right course of action. They will also know how to properly document the evidence and prove their client’s case.

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Title IX Kansas

During a hearing, the complaint and response are cross examined by a panel of three Decisionmakers (two staff members and one Decisionmaker on Relevance) who make the final decisions. These Decisionmakers are responsible for the "Standard of Proof" in the proceedings and have the authority to sustain, reduce, increase or strike sanctions imposed under these procedures.

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She also has experience representing pregnant and parenting students, who are protected by Title IX against discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, termination of pregnancy or recovery from these conditions. She has successfully represented many clients in such matters.

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If you are a defendant involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit, it is important to seek out the best possible representation. A good Title IX lawyer in Kansas will be able to protect your rights and provide you with the best possible defense in the eyes of the law.

When a responsible employee learns of an incident that may constitute sexual harassment or sexual violence, they should immediately contact the Title IX office and report whatever information they have about the situation. This includes names of the people involved, their contact information and any details about the incident.

As the name implies, title ix is a federal statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in educational programs and activities at universities and other public and private institutions. The law applies to both public and private universities, but it is particularly important to students whose families receive federal funding in the form of student loans or other forms of financial aid.

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Once a Formal Complaint has been filed, the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX will conduct a preliminary assessment of the allegation to determine whether it could fall within the policy and/or constitute Sexual Harassment. If the preliminary assessment suggests that the conduct may be within the scope of the policy, the Office of Civil Rights & Title X will promptly contact the Complainant.

Revocation of a degree is a significant event for any student, and the process should be handled with due care by a knowledgeable attorney to ensure that your interests are protected. If you are being investigated for a Title IX violation or if you have been charged with an offense of this nature, contact the attorneys at Title IX Attorney Kansas to discuss your options and learn how we can help you.

In addition, the attorney will be able to represent their client in any hearings that they may attend. This will ensure that all policies and procedures are followed and that the student will receive fair treatment.

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